About Richard J. Marcus

Meet Richard J. Marcus, Your Coach

Richard J Marcus

At a very early age Richard was interested in helping people, whether it was helping seniors carry their groceries home or helping neighbors clean their back yards in Atlantic City.   This spirit carried over to college where he was a volunteer at the local “Y” and into his early twenties being involved with Big Brothers and Sisters.

Richard's first real job found him being involved with young people as he accepted his first teaching assignment at a local High School in NJ co-coordinating the work study program and teaching various business subjects to juniors and seniors.  That enthusiasm and desire for assisting people was always present.

Today Richard is still helping people live –literally—as an active blood donor, according to the Red Cross each donation saves up to three lives.  It’s one of those little things that make a “Big” difference.

What is Richard Passionate About?

 Well it’s people … passionate about people and helping others achieve their goals.  He’s passionate about sales, business, personal and professional development.

As a former Educator, Salesman, Trainer, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager, he feels very privileged to be able to combine his early childhood interest and professional success into one vision. 

That vision of being able to help people live their best lives.  Napoleon Hill once wrote, “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed”.

Richard's Successes

His professional background always involved helping people or companies achieve their objectives.  Richard was fortunate enough to work for two Fortune 500 companies where he received some of the best training and development programs available.  The various roles allowed him to travel all over the country and see just about every type of business you can imagine.

Being promoted to different roles with increasing amounts of responsibility always had some common denominators …coaching people, supporting people and getting along with people.

Richard has received a multitude of Sales Awards and recognition for delivering outstanding results.  One award he is particularly proud of receiving is the “Key Contributor Award” - awarded annually to the top 5% of performers in North America.

Richard's Credentials

  • He obtained 2 College Degrees
  • Certified Professional Coach  (I C F approved)
  • An  established  30 year track record of working with and helping people succeed
  • An active participant in training from Xerox, 3m, Arthur Anderson and numerous other  top providers
  • He has  recruited, hired , coach and trained hundreds of sales people
  • He has  executed over  40,000  person to person sales calls
  • He has made thousands of Cold Calls – telephone-  in person
  • He has developed and delivered sales seminars and presentations
  • He has a proven track record of  working with large corporations, small start ups ,entrepreneurs
         and small business ventures
  • He has a vast knowledge of 9 key B2B Market Segments &  experience in B2C and  B2G
  • He has managed  multiple P&L statements
  • He has generated over $30 million in Sales Revenue
  • Richard is a member of "International Association of Coaching". 

Richard's Communication Style

What is it like working with Richard?

According to the test results of “Communication Styles Based on Personality Traits” his communication style is “Reflective”.  Characteristics are as follows;

  • Task oriented with a careful pace
  • Logical
  • Thoroughly thinks things through
  • Uses precise & clear words
  • Sincere expression with confidence

 Richard will be your partner working with you, on what is important to you.  He will work at the pace that is
comfortable for you.

What He Does After Work

He enjoys playing Golf and look forward to playing whenever he can; he readily admits he is not that good.  He does enjoy the outdoors and being on the course allows him to truly appreciate the wonders and abundance of nature.   Richard also enjoys a good hard work out at the gym. Weight Training is one of his favorite ways to decompress, challenge himself and enjoy the additional benefits of working out.    

Music has always been a part of his life and he enjoys a variety of genres.  Playing Chess, reading, and cooking are also activities Richard enjoys very much.