About Vue Coaching

Vue Coaching is a Sales Coaching and Sales Training Business


We have rearranged the alphabet and put "U" first. At Vue Coaching the client is always at the center of the coaching process. Its all about your goals, your dreams, your aspirations and your results.

~Whether you are a business, Sales professional, entrepreneur, or an individual sometimes you get “stuck” or just need a “Sounding Board” we will customize the coaching partnership around your goals and needs to get you moving again.

Our philosophy of coaching is one of equal partners focused on your priorities.

We help our clients realize their full potential, if your goal is improvement in one or more of the following areas;

  • More Money
  • More Focus
  • More Prospects
  • More Returned Calls
  • More Time
  • More Skills
  • More Clarity
  • More Confidence
  • Less Stress

Let's work together to achieve outstanding results.

"U" are powerful, "U" are important, "U" know what is right for you. Vue Coaching will inspire you with powerful questions, insightful conversations, and proven methodologies that will create a path toward your desired outcomes while respecting and honoring your core values

Vue Coaching adheres to the IAC Ethical Principles and Code Of Ethics.

What's it Like to Coach with Vue Coaching?


At Vue Coaching you determine how much coaching you want.  There are no contracts and you pay as you go.  The client is free to stop the service at any time for any reason.  This is our unconditional guarantee of your satisfaction.  The only commitment is the one you make to yourself.

 Are you ready to reach your full potential?

Who We Help


~Sales Professionals who want to focus on: career goals, business relationships, obtaining more customers, increasing sales, increased income and life balance.  Vue Coaching will become your partner to identify goals, remove obstacles, acquire resources and create a personalized plan to create positive change in your life.

~Business Clients who want to focus on: sales, revenues, productivity, team building, leadership, and work-life balance.  Vue Coaching will customize a transformative plan to achieve your desired business results.

The following people can benefit from achieving “Breakthrough Results by utilizing the service":

  • Sales Management
  • Sales Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Contractors
  • Self Employed
  • Small Business Owners
  • Telemarketers

Putting Possibilities into Action...... how do we help?

  • First and foremost we listen to you
  • Customize a program around your desires and goals
  • Create a path forward together -- based on your strengths
  • Coach and Support continuously while being an accountability partner
  • Utilizing Technology
  • Telephone Coaching Sessions
  • Email Support
  • Personalized Support
  • Provide most current relative information
  • Utilize up-to-date processes and techniques


“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”
-John Wooden, former basketball coach